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The influence of raw materials on the adhesive tape
Time: 2014/8/22 16:59:56

For the same kind of tape, if the molecular weight and the molecular weight distribution of different, for the same kind of tape, if the component is not at the same time, the processing properties and mechanical properties of adhesive tape, made into films after the physical and chemical properties will vary. This suggests that we should pay attention to the class and grade polymer in the choice of adhesive tape materials. In the production of plastic film, often need to add some additives in the polymer, and has a significant impact property types and performance of these additives on film.

In the production of adhesive tape, often by polymer and some additives are mixed in a certain proportion to improve certain aspects of performance objective.
The influence of raw materials on the adhesive tape
1, polyethylene can be added to a lubricant to the tape of raw materials, to improve the smoothness of adhesive tape,
In 2, polyethylene films were prepared, because of its easy thermal decomposition and must be added stabilizer.
3, the tape must have reasonable formula, formula of tape in raw materials should be of suitable proportion. Adjust the composition and proportion, performance can change the tape.

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